Language Translation Services in Delhi, India

Transverse Language Solution is a leading translation company in Delhi that provides language translation services in Delhi and all over India.

It’s difficult to decide the best translation solution among a number of language translation services in India.

At Transverse Language Solutions, translation process begins with constructing a timeline in accordance with the deadline assigned by the client. The source file is then compared with the existing translation memory using Translation Memory Managing Software. In case of absolutely new, previously never translated data, a new translation memory, glossary and style guide is compiled. The source data then goes through a three-step process of translating, editing and proofreading. This translated data is then framed in a proper format and stylised into a layout. Before delivering the final product to the client, the translators at TLS check and re-check it for accuracy, order and appeal.

Document translation

TLS has a team of expert linguists who are adept at translating documents of all kinds and sizes. They particularly specialise in areas as

  • Legal translations
  • Medical translations
  • Technical translations
  • Literary translations
  • Fashion translations
  • Journalism translations
  • Business communications
Machine Translation & CAT Tools

Machine translation comes into use when high volumes of data need to be processed in low turnaround time. Though machine translation on its own, cannot provide the same quality as a human translator, but when supplemented with terminology glossaries, translation memory technology, optical character recognition (OCR), and post-translation proofreading by human linguists, the deficiencies in the translated content can be negated.

Computer-assisted Translation (CAT) Tools help utilise previously made translation memories and thus increase the workflow while cutting down on human effort and costs. At TLS, language experts augment their skills with CAT Tools to make effective use of previously maintained translation memory databases, glossaries and style guides, thus trimming down the time involved while ensuring overall quality and consistency of the data.

Urgent Translation

TLS is also well-equipped for meeting with exigencies such as those involving files to be translated in a very short time span. If a client urgently requires a file to be translated within the same day, or even a few hours, our translators can be banked on for tackling such situations effectively and delivering the final product in time, without compromising on quality.

Medical translation

Medical translation is needed usually when texts in a foreign language have to be translated to be made available to doctors and students of medicine. It is thus a highly specialised field which requires specially qualified and experienced translators. TLS provides such expert medical translators in Delhi who have had experience translating medical texts and documents.

Technical translation

From instruction manuals to textbooks to software, technical translation is required in a wide range of fields. TLs has some of the best technical translators, well-versed in the terminology of particular technical fields on its team who have worked on various complex translation projects.

Literary translation

The academia is a consumer of literary translations and the demand has been ever-growing since culture studies were added to courses to augment the study of literature. Literary translators in Delhi are quite in demand owing to the capital being a major hub of education in the country and TLS has gifted literati from some of the best educational institutes in the country who specialise in such translations.

Journalistic translation

Journalism too requires translation services when a report has to be translated from a foreign language for a local audience. For such a translation, the translator must not simply know the source and target languages extensively, but also be able to analyse the context of the report and translate even that to the target language correctly. We have such expert translators who are used to working within tight schedules and delivering meticulous results.

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