Transverse Language Solution is a leading simultaneous interpretation agency in Delhi that offers effective and efficient interpretation of language. Effective interpretation involves dexterity at different levels and hence, it is a job which cannot do without a high degree of specialisation and experience. A good interpreter has to be proficient in the source language to be able to understand complex data and then have the prowess to articulate it lucidly and credibly in the language required. And of course, the job is time bound, so a lot depends on the efficacy of the interpreter. Transverse Language Solutions (a simultaneous interpretation agency in Delhi) has a team of such expert interpreters capable of functioning competently in challenging environments and provides the best simultaneous interpretation services.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is used usually for big meetings and conferences where the speech of the members is relayed to the team of interpreters working in a separate booth, and they interpret the speech and relay it back to them. It requires trained interpreters who, know how to work with complex equipment and software, to keep the flow the conversation going.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation works for Q/A sessions, court hearing, conference calls, interviews, speeches, press meets and presentations. The interpreters take notes while the speakers speak and interpret them after the speakers have finished speaking, or when they take a pause. This type of interpretation demands adherence to a tight time frame

Over-The-Phone Interpretation

At times, it is not feasible or convenient for the client to physically have an interpreter with him all the time. For such situations, Transversolutions provides over-the-phone interpreters. As the name suggests, the client, by pre-booking an interpreter, can avail expert interpretational services over the phone, email or text messages 24/7, without actually having an interpreter with him all the time.

Conference And Exhibition

Conferences and exhibitions which are assured of visitors from around the globe are also aware of the fact that shoddy or inadequate communication could defeat the purpose of the event. TLS foresees these communication problems with a diverse assemblage and provides measures to alleviate them. It has the resources—technical and human, to cover such large-scale events and aid in executing them successfully.

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