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With businesses operating at both national and global level, business operations have acquired the dimension of multilingualism. Communication, an integral process of business, which cannot be compromised with, now requires the services of multilingual language experts. If yours is a business which has a national and/or a global reach or wishes to expand in such a manner that it requires interactions with linguistically diverse groups of customers, shareholders and employees, TLS has the perfect business interpreter in Delhi for you who is trained for assisting a variety of every-day business operations which will give your business a competitive edge. 

Our business interpretation services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing on-site business interpreters for managing meetings with clients, shareholders, employees, augmenting interactions during events and conferences and accompanying company personnel on business trips.

  • Interpreting and translating company’s documents such as business reports, financial documents such as accounts, legal documents such as contracts, patents, policies and procedures, etc.

  • Providing over-the-phone interpretations, assisting interactions during video conferences and interpreting and responding to letters and emails.

After having assessed your business needs, TLS will provide you the best business interpreter in Delhi within your budget to enhance your business operations.


India is gaining popularity on the world map for being a preferred destination for medical tourism, the reason for the same being that healthcare services here cost a lot lesser than they do in USA and European countries. Major healthcare services such as heart bypass surgery, organ transplant, knee replacement, neurosurgery, dental services, etc. are qualitatively as good but cost substantially lesser in India than in developed countries. According to a Forbes report, India gets about 1.27 million tourists every year, and the figures are supposed to escalate in the future. Delhi is one of the top providers of specialised healthcare facilities in the countries, hence it also gets a large number of medical tourists from abroad and even other parts of India. Foreign medical tourists who do not speak English require expert medical interpretation in Delhi to direct interactions with the doctors and the medical staff here. The doctors need to understand the problems of the patient for accurate diagnosis and the patient needs to know what the doctor is prescribing for his treatment. TLS has a team of experienced and expert interpreters and it helps you avail medical interpretation in Delhi at competitive prices. 

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