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Legal translation pertains to translation of documents which have to do with the legal system and TLS provides specialised legal translation services in Delhi. 

Legal translation is a highly specialised field of translation which not only requires the translator to be well-versed with legal terminology, but knowledge of legal matters is also requisite. We are aware of the fact that a faulty translation has serious financial and legal repercussions on our clients and us, we appoint only sufficiently experienced translators for such delicate jobs which demand the highest level of accuracy.

Legal translation in India includes translating documents such as contracts, patent and trademark filings, court and witness transcripts, depositions, registration documents, expert reports, legal disclaimers, affidavits, regulations, laws, confidentiality agreements, legal certifications and statements, government and legal ruling reports, letters of credit, technical documents to support litigation efforts , licenses, litigation and arbitration documents, passports, death certificates, birth certificates, last wills and testaments, immigration documents, marriage certificates, powers of attorney, complaints, judgments, judgments, court summons, legal proceedings, trusts, partnership deeds, sales contracts, real estate titles or leases papers, permits, insurance policies, trademarks and copyrights, service agreements, etc. TLS’ translation services in Delhi include translation of all the aforementioned documents, but is not limited to those. 


Medical translation is needed usually when texts in a foreign language have to be translated to be made available to doctors and students of medicine. It is thus a highly specialised field which requires specially qualified and experienced translators. TLS provides such expert medical translators in `Delhi who have had experience translating medical texts and documents. 


From instruction manuals to textbooks to software, technical translation is required in a wide range of fields. TLs has some of the best technical translators in Delhi , well-versed in the terminology of particular technical fields on its team who have worked on various complex translation projects.


The academia is a consumer of literary translations and the demand has been ever-growing since culture studies were added to courses to augment the study of literature. Literary translators in Delhi are quite in demand owing to the capital being a major hub of education in the country and TLS has gifted literati from some of the best educational institutes in the country who specialise in such translations.


Journalism too requires translation services when a report has to be translated from a foreign language for a local audience. For such a translation, the translator must not simply know the source and target languages extensively, but also be able to analyse the context of the report and translate even that to the target language correctly. We have such expert translators who are used to working within tight schedules and delivering meticulous results. 


A good translator is someone who knows at least two languages and know them both in depth. A good translator understands the nuances of language and the intricacies of translation, because a translation is not just replacing words in a text with those from another language, but it is a transformational exercise, in which the essence of the original and presentation of the new count equally. 

TLS is a trusted name for document translation in Delhi. TLS has a team of expert translators, who have undergone special training in translation from some of the best institutes in the country and have been working in the industry for years, and thus are now adept at translating documents of all kinds and sizes. The documents to be translated are assigned only to a specialist of the source and target language with the specified deadline. After the documents are translated, they undergo accuracy tests and quality checks by other members of the team. Having reviewed the translated documents carefully and being satisfied with the end result, TLS team approves it of being presented it to the client. Also, the client has the privilege of suggesting edits till the time he/she is satisfied with the work done. TLS offers superior quality and affordable legal translations, medical translations, technical translations, literary translations, journalistic translations and business translations in Delhi to name a few. Any other type of document translation in Delhi would also be welcomed by our excellent translators. 

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