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Document translation 

A good translator is someone who knows at least two languages and know them both in depth. A good translator understands the nuances of language and the intricacies of translation, because a translation is not just replacing words in a text with those from another language, but it is a transformational exercise, in which the essence of the original and presentation of the new count equally. 

TLS is a trusted name for document translation in Delhi. TLS has a team of expert translators, who have undergone special training in translation from some of the best institutes in the country and have been working in the industry for years, and thus are now adept at translating documents of all kinds and sizes. The documents to be translated are assigned only to a specialist of the source and target language with the specified deadline. After the documents are translated, they undergo accuracy tests and quality checks by other members of the team. Having reviewed the translated documents carefully and being satisfied with the end result, TLS team approves it of being presented it to the client. Also, the client has the privilege of suggesting edits till the time he/she is satisfied with the work done. TLS offers superior quality and affordable legal translations, medical translations, technical translations, literary translations, journalistic translations and business translations in Delhi to name a few. Any other type of document translation in Delhi would also be welcomed by our excellent translators. 

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